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Please Note: Bars & taverns often change ownership, hours, & services. Before visiting any new pub, we suggest that you call first to confirm Open Hours & availability of Darts facilities.

International/World Darts Bar Listings for Steel-Tip Darts (other than USA)

Vermont USA - Darts Bars Directory

  • Vermont

  • Burlington: Breakers Billiards, 2069 Williston Road, South Burlington, VT 05403 802-864-2069, Owners name: "Joe", Darts: Steel tip only. 5 boards + 1 very nice board setup similar to the "Eric Bristow" style board, Has both automatic score boards and dry erase boards., Pool: This place also has 17 diamond class pool tables for those interested. "Notes: This place just opened up last month (summer 1995). It is VERY nice. The atmosphere is very easy to play in, and the owner is a huge dart fan himself. He created this place as his "dream bar", and a dream bar is what it is. They have 17 pool tables, 6 great dart boards (steel tip only), table tennis, chess (with clocks), huge game room which is enclosed by glass doors (to keep noise down), and a grande bar with a "King of the hill" pool table in the middle which they have monthly tournaments on. Everyone sits around the bar and watches while the players have total freedom from roaming customers, etc... This place is a must see if you are in VT.
  • Burlington: McKee's Pub, 19 East Allen, Winooski, VT 05404 802-655-0048, Owners Name: "Lance", Darts: 1 steel tip board, "Notes: This is a very cozy bar which reminds me very much of the "Cheers" type of place. It is VERY small, but the darts are taken very seriously. Their have been many very good players that have come out of this bar. I personally have had a team there for the past 2 years and we are doing great. I go here many times when I want to find someone good to play against.
  • Burlington: Franny O's Pub, 733 Queen City Park Road, Burlington, VT 05403 802-863-2909 Owners Name: "Franny", Darts: 2 steel tip boards, Pool: 2 tables, coin-op "Notes: Franny O's is another place where you can find many good dart players. Dale Fisher is known as one of VT's best players and plays on a Franny O's team which has in my opinion a A+ team. Every player is very good and they know how to work together. Dale also was once a McKee's team member (they took first place for 3 years to win the cup)."
  • Middlebury: Angela's, Main Street, 388-0002