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Fire on the Mountain Classic
$10,0000 Asheville, NC
March 27 -29,1998

Singles 21

Mixed Doubles Cricket

Men's Singles Cricket

Mixed Doubles 501

Open Singles 301

Men's Doubles Cricket

Women's Singles Cricket

Men's Singles 501

Blind Draw 501

Women's Doubles Cricket

Chicago Blind Draw

 Women's Singles 501

Youth Events

Men's Doubles 501

Women's Doubles 501

Di's Overview

Friday, March 27


1st $100-Roger Carter
2nd $40-Gerome Vardaro
T4 $20-Britt Whitley / Pat Hewitt

About the Game 21:  
This is a game of bullseyes
Double Bull=3 pts, Single Bull=2 pts, Inside Triple Ring=1 pt.
Play continues until a player reaches 21, with each shooter having an equal number of turns. The winner must win by 2 pts.


1st $300 - Roger Carter
2nd $160-Gerome Vardaro
T4 $80- Keith Wall / Kevin Holden
T8 $20- Britt Whitley / Kevin Barton / Cliff Whitley / Jake Thompson


1st $300 - Jake Thompson / Mike Eller
2nd $160- Roger Carter / Cary Bates
T4 $80 - Theresa Rosenbaum / John Liggett, Don Carrico / Jim Morris
T8 $40 - Brian Selby / Adam Cable, Stan Roddy / Ronnie Johnson, Don Stanley / Gerome Vardaro, Brian Claxton / JD Dixon
T16 $20 - Doug Pittman / Scott Crosby, Joe Gaglione / Michael Bundschu, Steve Osnowski / Strawberry, Rob Spears / Mary Ann Gardner, Jeff Todd / Teresa Johnson, Cleatus Lay / Albert Stone, Ron Beach / J Louis, Karen Miller / partner


Youth Events

12 & under- TJ Thielbar
13 & over - Kevin Holden
* 12 & under - singles 301 FIFO
* 13 & over - singles 501 FIDO


1st $300- Jerry Umberger / Stacy Bromberg
2nd $160- Billy West / Angel Gaffney
T4 $80- Whit Whitley / Brenda Easter, Pat Hewitt / Jennifer Gibbs
T8 $40- William Paul / Janie Paul, Roger Carter / Rachel Orlandini Brian Dougherty / Kelli Dougherty, Wil Tan / Connie Lowe


1st $300- Woody Reese / Britt Whitley
2nd $160- Neal Bedworth / Jeff Todd
T4 $80- Jake Thompson / Darrin Strickin, Bryan Claxton / Cleatus Lay
T8 $40- Tony Perry / Dan Newhouse, Bob Loveday / William Paul Jack Kestner / Jerry Dishman, Pat Hewitt / Roger Carter


1st $200- Diane Rutkowski / Teresa Johnson
2nd $100-Stacy Bromberg / Angel Gaffney
T4 $50- Paula Delp / Debra Parker, Jennifer Gibbs / Rachel Orlandini
T8 $25- Brenda Easter / Anne McClure, Marie Runels / Wanda West Linda Hays / Debbie Phillips, Cher Byrd / Carol Babinscak


1st $340- Roger Carter
2nd $170- Brian Dickerson
T4 $100- Don Carrico, William Paul
T8 $50- Jerry Umberger, Ron Beach, Kevin Holden, Brian Dougherty
T16 $20- Kevin Faqua, Neal Bedworth, Keith Wall, Jerry Dishman, Gerome Vardaro, Pat Hewitt, Britt Whitley, Steve Chorba


1st $200- Stacy Bromberg
2nd $100- Paula Delp
T4 $50- Rachel Orlandini, Jennifer Gibbs
T8 $25- Sandy Marshall, Nancy Huntoon, Janey Paul, Angel Cox


1st $300- Pat Hewitt / Angel Cox>2nd $160> Cleatus Lay / Gerome Vardaro
T4 $80- Don Stanley / Ray Carver, Britt Whitley / Bill Giriden
T8 $40- Bill Beach / Bob Loveday, Keith Wall / Cable, Doug Naville / Karen Miller, Bob Spears / Bob Gargan
T16 $20- John Main / Scott Walling, Keith Bridges / Joe Gaglione, Kenny Moore / Richard Starnes, Steve Oberti / Dave Ledford, Mark Easter / Bryan Claxton, James Kirkland / Chris Howle, Alan Elder /Woody Reese, Bartman / Jacks

SUNDAY March 29


1st $300- Stacy Bromberg / Jerry Umberger
2nd $160- Angel Gaffney / Billy West
T4 $80- Marie Runels / Mike Bundschu, Pat Hewitt / Jennifer Gibbs
T8 $40- JD Dixon / Gina Oakley, Neal Bedworth / Roxanne Bedworth, Michelle Gaffney / Allen Smith, Brian Dougherty / Kelli Dougherty


1st $340- Woody Reese
2nd $170- Luke Tromblay
T4 $100- Brian Dougherty, Bill Beach
T8 $50- Doug Navlle, BJ Preston, Don Carrico, Ron Beach
T16 $20- Michael Bundschu, Steve Reynolds, Bart Harrelson, Pat Hewitt, Gerome Vardaro, Billy West, Jeff Todd, Kevin Holden


1st $200- Stacy Bromberg
2nd $100- Nancy Huntoon
T4 $50- Paula Delp, Debra Parker
T8 $25- Angel Cox, Janey Paul, Jennifer Gibbs, Wanda West


1st $300- Don Carrico / Brian Dougherty
2nd $160- Roger Carter / Pat Hewitt
T4 $80- Britt Whitley / Woody Reese, Kevin Barton / Brian Selby
T8 $40- Kevin Holden / Clint Swarthout, JD Dixon / Billy West, Shane Denton / Allan Smith, Steve Chorba / Johnny Brendell


1st $200- Stacy Bromberh / Angel Gaffney
2nd $100- Debra Parker / Paula Delp
T4 $50- Janey Paul / Ginny Willis, Sandy Marshall / Doreen Berry
T8 $25- Jennifer Gibbs / Rachel Orlandini, Wanda West / Amanda, Danni Pearce / Sam Kroft, Nancy Huntoon / Kelli Dougherty

Di's Overview

There are few people who will tell you that I know what's going on around me. However, I feel that I have to get my two cents in, after chasing down winners all weekend. As far as outstanding performances go, I would personally reward Roger Carter and Stacy Bromberg with the Di MVP awards for this tourney. Both had several first place awards, along with other money-round finishes. I was lucky enough on Saturday to talk with 13+ youth winner, Kevin Holden. Kevin also had some great results this weekend. He is 16 years old and hails from Tullahoma, TN. He told me that he enjoys shooting in the open events, as well as mens doubles (with partner Adam Cable). It seems to me that he is well prepared for the adult events, as he puts in 2 hrs. of practice everyday. His performance this weekend proves that his hard work is paying off. Next year, he will be ineligible to play in the youth events, but will give the men a run for their money! He is sponsored by Masterline Specialties, who provide him with hotel and entry fees and support his climb to the top. Goodluck, Kevin, and good darts.

I also spoke briefly with the 12 and under youth champion, TJ Thielbar. TJ comes from Swansea, SC. He has been playing for 2 years, and although he hasn't attended many tournaments thus far, he is very ambitious, and hopes to play more. He is 11 years old, and, like Kevin, is approaching the limit in his age group. I will be looking for TJ in the future, to see how he adapts to the 13+ age group. I expect that he will continue to be successful, just like dad, Pat Hewitt. Good luck to you too TJ!

That about wraps it up for the Fire on the Mountain Classic. This was my 2nd time at this tournament, and I highly recommend it. The hotel accomodations (Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort), and tournament staff are exceptional, and made the weekend all the more pleasant. I would just like to close by saying "Thank You" to tournament director, Steve Reynolds, Don Stanley, and especially to Sandy Marshall, who helped me to compile this information. Also, a special thanks to Teresa Johnson and Ray Carver for being terrific partners, and to Doreen and Darrell Berry, for keeping it interesting!