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Darts Terms & Phrases
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Some of these darting terms are "local", while others are in common usage nationally or internationally. Like all colloquiallisms, slang changes with time, and usage of some of these dart terms comes & goes among different regions and darts leagues.

All the Varieties: A score of 57, as in the advertising slogan of Heinz 57

Arrows: Darts

Bag o' Nuts: A score of 45

Basement: Double 3's

Bed: Any scoring segment of the board, like the 20's segment, 19's, etc.

Bed & Breakfast: A total turn score of 26 points

Bottom of the House: Double 3's

Brush: Failing to get in a game before your opponent goes out

Bucket of Nails: All darts landing in the ones

Bull: A bullseye

Bust: Hitting a number higher than you need to go out

C or Classic: a score of 26

Can't Drive: when you hit 55

Chucker: Indifferent thrower

Clock: Another term for a dartboard

Cork: Bullseye, usually the doublebull

Diddle: Two darters throw 1 dart each at the bull, closest dart has option to start the game first

Double In: Starting a game with a double

Double Out: Winning a game on a double

Double Trouble: experiencing difficulty with hitting the desired double

Downstairs: The lower half of the board

Game Shot: The winning dart

Feathers: Another name for flights (not generally used by experienced darters)

Fletchings: Another name for flights

FM or Friggin Murph: a score of 26, referring to Murphy's law

Half a Crown: A score fo 26, taken from the former British coinage, two shillings and sixpence equals half a crown.

Hat Trick: Three bullseyes

Hockey, or Oche: The throwing or foul line

House: Describes the double or triple zone

JT or Just There: Describes any close shot, can be used sarcastically for a
real bad shot

Kadhafi/Terrorist Darts: Cricket played going for as many points as
possible, even if not needed to win.

Leg: One game of a match

Madhouse: Double 1's (a player can go mad shooting at these things)

Diddle for the Middle: Throwing closest to the bull to establish who starts a game.

Mugs Away: A phrase meaning "loser of the last game goes first"

"Nice Group": Often said when someone throws three darts close together, but not necessarily where they needed to be.

Nails: Darts, or 1's

Nine Mark: Hitting 3 triples with 3 darts

Perfect Game: For 501, nine dart game, for Cricket, an eight dart game.
Prophalactic: See rubber

Robin Hood: Impaling a dart into the flight or shaft of a dart already in the board.

Rod Sterling: Referring to someone hitting really awesome, in the twilight "zone"

Right House, Wrong Bed: Hitting the double or triple zone, but in the wrong number (ie- hitting a T5 instead of T20)

Rubber: The tie breaking game of a set
Scud: A dart way off the target

Shanghai: A turn of 3 darts that scores a single, double, and triple in the same number wedge, in any order. ( example: S20, D20, T20 )

Short Ton: T5 and two singles (25 points)

Shotgun Darts: When your round of darts is like buckshot (all over the board)
Skunked: Pee-U, getting brushed in a game

Slop: Hitting a number other than the intended

Just off the Wire: Hitting just outside the required double, journalistic play on the phrase

Three in a Bed: Three darts in the same number

Ton: A score of 100, can be written T

Ton o' Ones: A score of 5 by hitting 5 ones

Tops, Top of the House, Upstairs, Double Tops: all describe double 20

Trombones: A total turn score of 76 points

Wet Feet: Standing with your feet over the line.

Thanks to Robbie "Hood" for providing information to help start this list.