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by Rick Osgood

When you've run a Darts shop (Rick's Darts & Games) for 39+ years, more than a few funny things happen to, or near you. Here are a few...

Darts Shop Dartboard Secret!

One day an obviously new darts devotee was in the shop, trying out darts and asking about virtually every item in stock. He tried several sets of Tungsten darts, and then jokingly made the comment:

"I've noticed that I throw darts a lot better here in your store than at my local bar. Why is that?"

Loretta was helping him at the time, and quickly quipped:

"It's our magnetic dartboard system. I just push this button under the counter, and it turns on the big electric magnets behind the boards!"

Then the phone rang, and she turned away for a couple of minutes to answer it.

When she turned back, the apparently naive darter was standing at one of the dartboards, repeatedly touching his darts points to the wires & pulling them away. He saw that she was off the phone & said:

" Hey, yeah! I can really feel it! Those magnets are really grabbing the points!"

"No, no, no, no"... struggling with a large grin, she broke it to him gently that she had just been joking about the electromagnets!

Loretta also explained that our store has better lighting than most bars, and does not serve pitchers of beer, nor is there a loud band or jukebox playing in the corner. All of these, in a bar environment just might occasionally cause a person's game to suffer a bit!

Visiting Pro

Everyone has met this guy somewhere: He strolled into the store & immediately started to tell everyone how great he was at darts...

"I used to win every tournament in (city). I even clobbered (pro-darter-name) when he came to town. I finally just gave up on darts, there just wasn't anybody who could give me any competition. I could have made a living off darts if anyone would have had the guts to play me!"

"Its no fun when you win everytime, and besides, nobody wants to lose any more money to you! Even some of those Brits were easy marks, won $XXX from them!"

By now, he had had time to walk across to the darts displays. Looking in the case, he saw the neatly arrayed sets in their cases & said: "Oh, do they sell darts in sets of THREE now?"

Durable Flights

Another time, a quiet gentleman came in, and spent quite a while browsing the 35-foot-long flight display wall. He carefully examined all of the designs & styles, then with a thoughtful look came over to the counter...

"I don't understand how you can stay in business, with all those flights!"

Well, there have been times that we've wondered ourselves, but anyway, I countered with: "How is that? We sell a lot of spares to the local darters."

"But that's what I don't understand", said the gentleman. " Why would anyone ever replace their flights? I've had the same flights on my darts for five years, and they are like new!"

Hmmm... I bit my tongue & kept my mouth shut.

There just wasn't any polite way to point out that if he never put 2 darts near each other, his flights would continue to last forever! And that, perhaps, some darters don't have that problem.

Diff'rent Strokes

A young lady, who had apparently been browsing other stores in our shopping center, wandered in and looked around. She saw the our 90 foot-long Flight Wall, stared for a minute, and ran out the door.

We all looked at each other, shrugged, & went back to work.

A few minutes later she was back, excitedly dragging a young man (perhaps a boyfriend) by the arm.

  He also stopped, dead still, just staring at the Flights.

Then he turned to us, standing at the sales counter & said:

"WOW! I never imagined that there were so many different guitar picks in the Whole World! "

YES! It really does help to be Crazy to
work in a Darts Shop!

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