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Funny & Crazy Darts Tales

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The Tales:

  • Just Right!
  • Nice Bust!
  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" Tournament, Loretta Osgood, 8/95
  • Best-Dressed in Blacksburg, J Robbie "Hood" Hickerson, 7/95

    "Just Right"

    by Rick Osgood

    On one Friday afternoon, just before a major Houston Tournament, a certain internationally known lady Pro stopped by our darts shop to pick up a few supplies. This was several hours before the event was scheduled to start, and she had just flown in from out-of-state.

    After greeting her, I noticed that she had some sort of white powder all over her hands and wrists. Some of it had spread onto her sleeves and other clothing. Assuming that she had spilled something while in the car, I asked if she would like to "wash-up" before doing her shopping.

    "Oh, NO!" She practically recoiled at the suggestion.. "I put rosin on my hands before I left home, and my hands are EXACTLY the way I want them to be for throwing darts this weekend."

    She then added: "I won't wash my hands until the tournament is over Sunday night. My hands are JUST RIGHT the way they are now!"

    We didn't say another word about it, just helped her with her purchases, and waved a friendly goodbye at her when she left...

    "Nice Bust!"

    Dean Nicholas

    Southern Tier Dart League - Binghamton, NY, USA 

    I was watching one of the fellows on my team throwing his singles match and after some time left himself at 32. His next turn he busted on his 32.

    I yelled out: "Nice bust!"

    At that exact time the very lovely bar maid was walking by and replied "Why, thank you very much!"

    Best-Dressed in Blacksburg

    J Robbie "Hood" Hickerson, Blacksburg Area Darters 7/95

    "Several seasons ago, a team called the Bullseye Bitches (made up of all women, no surprise) were set to play my team The Throws of Despair, on the last night of league. We were in first place and they were in last, but their whole concept, all season long, wasn't to be able to be in first place particularly, but to distract the opposition. They wore very little clothes, the clothes they did wear were very sexy, they fixed up their make up and perfume like they were going to a prom, and looked great!

    We thought it was a great thing, and decided to get into the spirit of the night. Our team showed up for the match, all in dress pants, button down work shirts, ties, and our finest church shoes, looking our best. That alone was unusual enough for our scruffy bunch, but we had another surprise.

    Just before the match started, we walked to the line, dropped our pants, and played the whole match in our shirts, ties, and boxer shorts (we wore our most outrageous ones at that, I think my own had batman all over them). It was great fun, pictures were taken, many beers consumed, and we got some awfully strange looks from the occasional non-league folks that walked in.

    All in all, one of the funnest dart nights we've had. Of course, I keep wondering when those pictures are going to come back to haunt us, guess I can't run for President.........shoot 'em with a smile".

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