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Thanks to Don Thornton for submitting this Darts Out Chart analysis.

rev. 03-10-95

The main focus of this darts out chart is to take advantage of not only the mathematics involved in '01 strategy, but the layout of the dartboard itself. Regardless of a players ability, he or she will not always hit exactly what they attempt to throw. However, by taking advantage of groups of numbers (called "pies"...for pie slices), all levels of throwers can reduce the number of darts they need to finish a game.

I have also tried to include outs for those dart throwers who prefer bringing their score down by throwing 19's opposed to 20's. In many cases these are just as solid, percentage wise, as the throw at the top of the board. The bottom line is, by throwing a percentage game, you will frequently get a shot (maybe only one) at an out before your opponent.

As your confidence in your strategy grows, so does your ability. Be sure to note the different choices depending on the number of darts you have remaining. Good luck (you'll need less of it playing "the percentages") and good darts!

3-Dart Outs


170- T20, T20, DB
167- T20, T19, DB
164- T20, T18, DB
161- T20, T17, DB
160- T20, T20, D20
158- T20, T20, D19
157- T20, T19, D20
156- T20, T20, D18
155- T20, T19, D19
154- T20, T18, D20
153- T20, T19, D18
152- T20, T20, D16
151- T20, T17, D20 or T19, T18, D20
150- T20, T18, D18 or T19, T19, D18
149- T20, T19, D16
148- T20, T20, D14 or T19, T17, D20
147- T20, T17, D18 or T19, T18, D18
146- T20, T18, D16 or T19, T19, D16
145- T20, T19, D14
144- T20, T20, D12 or T19, T17, D18 or T20, T16, D18
143- T20, T17, D16 or T19, T18, D16
142- T20, T14, D20 or T20, DB, D16 or T19, T19, D14
141- T20, T19, D12 or T20, T15, D18
140- T20, T20, D10
139- T20, T13, D20 or T19, T14, D20
138- T20, T18, D12 or T19, T19, D12
137- T20, T19, D10
136- T20, T20, D8
135- T20, T17, D12 or T19, T18, D12 or DB, T19, D14
(A single bull with the first dart still leaves a 2-dart out!)
134- T20, T14, D16 or T19, T15, D16
133- T20, T19, D8
132- T20, T12, D18 or T20, T16, D12 or T20, T20, D6
131- T20, T13, D16 or T19, T14, D16
130- T20, T20, D5
(A single 20 with your 1st or 2nd dart still gives you a 3-dart out with a DB!)
129- T19, T12, D18 (A single 19 leaves you 110... T20, DB!)
128- T18, T14, D16 (" " 18 " " " " " )
127- T20, T17, D8 (" " 20 " " 107... T19, DB!)
126- T19, T19, D6 (" " 19 " " " " " )
125- T18, T13, D16 (" " 18 " " " " " )
124- T20, T14, D11 (" " 20 " " 104... T18, DB and a single 14 with your second dart leaves a DB out!)
123- T19, T16, D9 (" " 19 " " " " " and a single 16 with your second dart leaves a DB out)
122- T18, T18, D7
(again, a single 18 with your first dart leaves you a T18, DB out and a S18 with the second leaves a DB)
121- T20, T11, D14
(A single 20 with the first dart leaves a T17, DB out, a single 11 with the second leaves a DB.)
120- T20, S20, D20
119- T19, T12, D13
( A single 19 with the first dart leaves a T20, D20 out)
118- T20, S18, D20
(A S20 with the first dart leaves you T20, D19.)
(A quick note... a T18 with the first dart is tempting because the single leaves 100. The only problem I have with that is the 64 with 2 darts is more difficult than the 58. With 2 darts the 64 should be played with the second dart at the 14's)
117- T20, S17,D20
(S20 with the first dart leaves a T19, D20 finish. DO NOT throw the T19 or T17 with the first dart. A S19 with the first leaves the difficult 98 with two darts and the T17 leaves the less-than-satisfactory 66 with two darts. A single 17 does leave the nice 100, but the advantage of either 57 or 97 left after throwing the 20's is superior.)
116- T20, S16, D20 or T19, S19, D20
(A single 20 with the first dart leaves a T20, D18 out. Also, with 56 left and 2 darts, throwing the S16, D20 gives you a nice margin of error... a T8 with the 2nd dart leaves 32 and a T16 leaves D4!)
115- T19, S18, D20 or T20, S15, D20
(Single 19 on the first dart leaves the T20, D18 finish.)
114- T20, S14, D20 (Single 20 on the first dart leaves T18, D20 out.)
or T19, S17, D20
(This particular way does have one advantage over the T20 first dart, in that if you hit a S7 with the 1st dart, you still have a two dart out... T19,DB) or, for the brave...T19,SB,D16.
113- T19, S16, D20
(Single 19 first dart leaves T18,D20 out. With a single 3 on the 1st dart... T20, DB)

By now I'm sure it's obvious that after your first throw your strategy can change dramatically. Instead of listing every possible situation, involving all combinations, I will just recommend you check the number you have remaining in the "2 - dart outs" section.

112- T20, T12, D8 (A single 12 with the 2nd dart leaves D20)
111- T20, S19, D16 or T19, S14, D20 or T20, S11, D20
110- T20, DB or T20, S18, D16 or T20, S10, D20
109- T20, S17, D16 or T19, T12, D8
(This is one of those Catch-22 numbers. The 20 offers the safety valve of the "missed dart" 5 still leaving a two-dart out of 104; while the T19 leaves the safe 52 opposed to the "bustable" 49.)
108- T20, S16, D16 or T19, S19, D16
107- T19, DB
106- T20, S6, D20 or T20, S10, D18 (The trusty 6-10 "pie".)
105- T20, S13, D16 or T19, S16, D16
104- T18, DB or T20, T12, D4
103- T19, S6, D20 or T19, S10, D18
102- T20, S10, D16
101- T20, S9, D16 or T17, DB or T19,T12, D4
(A nasty number. Throwing at the T17 on the first dart and hitting a 2 instead leaves the dreaded 99... "untakeable" with only the two darts left in your hand.)
100- T20, D20
99- T19, S10, D16
98- T20, D19 or T20, S6, D16
97- T19, D20
96- T20, D18
95- T19, D19 or SB, T20, D5 (the S20 leaves a DB out)
94- T18, D20
93- T19, D18
92- T20, D16
91- T17, D20
90- T20, D15 or T18, D18
(The first option working on the theory that two, single 20's still leaves you a DB out.)
89- T19, D16
88- T20, D14
87- T17, D18
86- T18, D16
85- T19, D14 or T15, D20
84- T20, D12 or T16, D18
83- T17, D16
82- T14, D20 or DB, D16
81- T19, D12 or T15, D18
80- T20, D10
(With three darts do not throw the T16 with your first dart! By throwing at the 20's you can throw two single 20's and still have a D20 out. If you throw the T16 and only hit a S16, you have 64 remaining and your best move is S14, DB - a much harder out than the D20.)
79- T13, D20
78- T18, D12
77- T19, D10
(Again, don't make the mistake of throwing at the T15 with your 1st dart, trying to leave 32. While this is a somewhat seductive leave, the S15 leaves 62 (S12, DB), this is more difficult than the out you would have if you hit a S19 (58 - S18,D20) with your first dart.)
76- T20, D8
75- T17, D12
74- T14, D16
73- T19, D8
72- T12, D18 or T16, D12 or T20, D6
71- T13, D16
70- T18, D8
69- T19, D6
68- T20, D4
67- T17, D8
66- T10, D18 or T18, D6
(A single 18 with your 1st dart leaves the enviable 48 out with two darts!)
65- SB, D20 or T19, D4
64- T16, D8
(This is one of those great numbers that have a "safety valve" right next door -- if you hit a T8 with your 1st dart, you have 40 left!)
63- T17, D6
(A S17 first leaves you 46. This is another one of the "magic" numbers in that if you throw at the 10 or the 6 (side by side...a "pie") you have a good out.)
62- T10, D16
61- T15, D8 or SB, D18
60- S20, D20

The rest of the outs may seem obvious to most of you but I am going to include them for the uninitiated. Also, there may be a few that even the more advanced players haven't seen or thought of.

59- S19, D20
58- S18, D20
57- S17, D20 or SB, D16
56- T16, D4
55- S15, D20 or S19, D18 (remember the T19 busts.)
54- S14, D20
53- S17, D18 or S13, D20
52- T12, D8 (not S20, D16... too easy to bust!)
51- S19, D16 or S11, D20
50- DB or S18, D16 (Watchout for the T18!)
49- S17, D16 or S9, D20
48- S16, D16
47- S15, D16
46- S6, D20 or S10, D18 or S14, D16
(Remember the 6 - 10 pie...the 14 is surrounded by odd numbers.)
45- S13, D16
44- S12, D16
43- S11, D16 or S3, D20
(Again, remember the 7,19, 3, 17 huge pie where each number leaves you an out.)
42- S10, D16
41- S9, D16
40- D20
39- S7,D16
38- D19
37- S5, D16
36- D18
35- S3, D16
34- D17
33- S1, D16 or S17,D8
32- D16
31- S15, D8
30- D15
29- S13, D8
28- D14
27- S19, D4 (not S11, D8... remember the 19-7 pie)
26- D13
25- S17, D4 or S9, D8 (Either triple busts.)
24- D12
23- S7, D8
22- D11
21- S5, D8
20- D10
19- S3, D8
18- D9
17- S9, D4
(No, not S1, D8!! If you hit on either side of the single 1, you have busted. However, by throwing at the single 9, you don't bust if you hit a next-door number.)
16- D8
15- S7, D4
14- D7
13- S5, D4
12- D6
11- S3, D4
10- D5
9- S1, D4
8- D4
7- S3, D2
6- D3
5- S1, D2
4- D2
3- S1, D1
2- D1

2-dart outs (different than the first option in the above recommended 3-dart outs)

101- T17, DB
88- T20, D14 or T16, D20
79- T19, D11 or T13, D20
77- T19, D10 or T15, D16
(with only two darts in your hand the advantage of the S19 being better than the S15 is less important.)
71- T13, D16 or T17, D10
70- T20, D5 (the single 20 leaves DB.)
68- T18, D7 (see above.)
66- T16, D9
65- SB, D20 or T15, D10
64- T14, D11
63- T13, D12
62- T12, D13
61- T11, D14
47- S7, D20 (you have the safety valve of the S19, D14)
44- T12, D4 (or throw at the 8-16 pie)
43- S3, D20 (with only two darts in your hand, don't throw the S11, D16.)
33- S17, D8
31- S7, D12