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Darts Games: BASEBALL

  1. Any number of players may play, but two players is best.
  2. Darts are thrown at the number of the inning (1 dart in the first inning, 2 in the second, etc...).
  3. Batter continues to throw at a number until making three "outs". An "out" is made when you DO NOT hit the number of the inning. Each half-inning continues until the batter makes three outs.
  4. Darts that miss the board or darts that don't stick in the board result in a double play (2 outs). Darts may be caught before hitting the floor to save the out/DP.
  5. Throwing into the singles area is a single, doubles area a double, and triples area a triple. Runners advance the number of bases of the hit following the one that put them on base (see example below).
  6. At any point during an inning the batter may call for a HR and must then hit the bull. If the bull is hit, it is a HR and all runners score. Depending on the throwing skill of the players, a HR may include the green area or just the red area of the bull.
  7. After nine innings, any players tied (with the same score) proceed to extra innings. In extras, you move to the next inning number (10,11,12) or optionally you can use 10 and return to 1.
  8. You can play solo by giving the imaginary team one (or x) run(s) per inning or by throwing blindly at the board at the beginning to determine the score to beat.


In the first inning, first thrower misses the 1, then follows with two single 1's. There are now two runners on base (1st and 2nd) and one out. The thrower gets his darts and continues.

The next throw is in the double 1 area for a double. The runner on second scores. The score is now 1-0, one out, runners on 2nd and 3rd.

The next throw misses the 1 for the second out. The thrower opts to swing for the fences and calls a HR. He hits the bullseye! 3 run HR! Score 4-0. The next throw is at the 1 and misses for the third out, their turn is over.

An inning is over everyone player has had their turn to shoot for the 1 and has accumulated three outs. the next inning starts with the first player shooting at the 2, and so on.

Play a game this way, you will like it! The outs and HRs especially adds excitement, and creates fun situations. Play Ball!