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CyberDarts ARCHIVES - 1998

Eastern Connecticut Dart Association
(Steel-Point Darts)

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  • Latest News

    On Fridays, the Knights of Columbus hosts a Luck of the Draw. Entry fee is $5.00. Mystery Out starting at $100.00 based on 16 shooters, will be carried over to the next Friday if there is no winner. The K of C is donating $1.00 per player. Good Luck, hope to see you there. Contact Roland Legere @ 860-423-6156 or Ed Churilla @ 860-649-2063.

    Team Captains: Score sheets are missing. Please get them in promptly.

    Please Note: Board Meetings are open to all interested members. Please feel free to come to any Board Meeting. Leave me an E-Mail with your interest   and I will contact and forward the info on to the interested parties.

    Due to the number of people with All-Stars, the TOP TEN will be posted only. Not enough time in the day to maintain the entire list.

    Playoff 2/19

    1st place team vs 8th place team

    2nd place team vs 7

    3rd vs. 6

    4th vs. 5th

    9 vs. 16

    10 vs. 15

    11 vs. 14

    12 vs. 13

    Team with the better record is the home team

    Year End Banquet: Mark your calendars now for the Year End Banquet, April 5, 1997, located at the K of C Willimantic. 5:15 PM Start Time, 5:45 Dinner Served. See your Captain for more details.Please RSVP to your team captain attendance and guests.

    Board of Directors:

    • Chairman of Meetings - Jeff Wrana
    • Vice President - Open
    • Secretary - Katherine Wrana
    • Treasurer - Angela Blossick
    • Statistician - Katherine Wrana

    Mailing Address

    Eastern Connecticut Dart Association
    321 Beaver Hill Rd
    North Windham, CT 06256

    Phone #s

    Contact: Jeff Wrana
    Please use Snail Mail

    Web Page

     This Web Page is Updated By Carey M. Bilyeu. Updates generally are One Week after matches are held.

    General Information

    League Play:

    The designated night for league play is Wednesday. On league night, 6 team members play in the order below:

    Singles 301	1 Point per game
    Doubles Cricket	2 Points per game
    Triples 601	3 Points per game
    Play starts at 8:00PM

    LEAGUE STATS 96-97

    Standings as of 1/29/1997

    Team Name	Games Won Games Lost Percentage W/L
    Meeting House Pub	213	75	74.0
    Bach Dor Aces	212	76	73.6
    B-Aire Bangers	193	95	67.0
    AL Raiders	180	108	62.5
    B-Aires Young Bloods	172	116	59.7
    AL Sharks Rescheduled	159	111	58.9
    Bach Dor Eagles	152	136	52.8
    PC White Eagles	134	154	46.5
    VFW Hornets	130	158	45.1
    FC Vipers	129	159	44.8
    K C Dinosaurs	125	163	43.4
    VFW Goldstars	117	171	40.6
    VFW Red Eyes	108	162	40.0
    B-Aires Back Wood Hoods	100	188	34.7
    B-Aires SAFOOMA'S	94	194	32.6
    Cedarwood	68	220	23.6      


    Norm Kiss, Ray Ouimette, Paul Steinmiller, Keith LaPorte


    Chris Beaulieu


    160-Mike Tabor and Dave Byrd


    120-Glen Fournier


    39-Paul Steinmiller
    36-Ray Ouimette
    33-Mike Hlasny, Bill James
    26-Sue Setzsky, Mike Flanders
    25Jim Tracy
    23-Gary White
    22-Erik Noheimer
    21-Bob Baechler, Ken Powchak

    CyberDarts ARCHIVES - 1998


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