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What IS all that stuff?

The dart accessories wall in a large darts shop can be a little bewildering to a new darter..

Of course, there should be lots of spare dart flights and dart shafts, but some items may not be as familiar.

Flight Protectors are little caps that go on the back end of a dart flight, to prevent splitting. They make the flights last a bit longer, and also make help to keep the fins aligned squarely. They are reusable. Once the flights wear out, remove the flight protectors and put them on a new set of flights. Flight Protectors are available in aluminum or plastic, in a variety of colors.

Wax Tablets are just that.. little discs of wax, a little softer than candle wax. (This is the darter's version of the soft wax that office workers sometimes use on fingers when sorting papers.)

Darter's wax is a harder formulation than sorting wax, so that it doesn't feel quite as sticky. If your fingers get slick in cold weather (or cold air-conditioned rooms), then just rub a little on yoru finger tips to improve your grip. Always keep the wax tablet in its little plastic bax, or it melt on some valuable surface that it is left on. Keeping it in you rpocket (inside the baggie) warms the wax, so that it is easier to apply to fingers when needed.

Rosin Bag
Rosin bags are just that, small cloth bags of powdered rosin, used to improve grip on a dart, especially darts with smooth barrels. The bags are porous, so just holding it deposits a fine coating on your hands. These are essentially the same as rosin bags used in other sports, such as baseball.

Chalk Bag
Chalk bags are pretty much the same as rosin bags, except that they contain powdered chalk. Chalk is used to dry sweaty hands, and is also popular with darters who are used to scoring with chalk, who find themselves in a bar without chalkboards. Being used to chalk dust on their hands, the Chalk Bags solve the problem.

Dart Wrench
A handy tool that can be used to tighten or remove shafts & soft-tips, open the ends of metal shafts, pinch metal shaft ends closed, and tighten or remove various types of metal conversion points.



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