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*Note: For anyone who may not be familiar with American slang terminology, a "sitcom" is a type of Television show: 'Situation Comedy'

December 29, 1998 - T.V. Show, "Sanford and Son"
In 'Sanford and Son' On the outside of the house, directly to the left of the door. It looks like its one of those paper boards. Sighted by : ZamBoni

October 24, 1998 - T.V. Show, Nickelodeon, "Sister Sister"
There is a dartboard on the floor in the girls' bedroom. Sighted by : Liam Rice

October 24, 1998 - Commercial, Saturn Autos
Guys in a dorm room at college place orders on the Web. First they get a pizza delivered, then a Saturn auto. There is a bristle dartboard on the wall in the dorm room, but no one is actually playing during the commercial. Sighted by : Rick Osgood, CyberDarts Editor

October 24, 1998 - Movie, "Casper the Friendly Ghost"
The movie, "Casper the Friendly Ghost", is now showing on TV. While the ghost psychologist and his three ghostly friends are getting drunk in the neighborhood pub, a bristle dartboard is visable on the wall over his shoulder. Sighted by : Sighted by : Rick Osgood, CyberDarts Editor

October 12,1998 - TV, PBS, "The Art Of Magic"
On the PBS documentary "The Art of Magic". One magician who specializes in card tricks plies his craft in a tavern. In the background is a Top Gun Challenge coin-op dart machine. Sighted by : G. Raymond Eddy

October 2,1998 - Movie "Chasing Amy"
In the motion picture Chasing Amy (released 97?), the two main characters (Ben Affleck and whoever the hottie with the squeaky voice is) get to know each other over some beer and steel tip in a bar. One of the camera angles is directly over the dartboard facing the characters as they throw. From this angle, it looks like some of the darts dive down and wind up in the wall (you can also review some fine "hop and throw" technique). Still, it's a good scene with the dart play taking a far back-seat to the budding romance between the two principals. Sighted by : Pat Meusel

September 28, 1998 - Movie "U.S.Marshalls"
In an early scene of the movie "US Marshalls", the marshall breaks into an apartment to arrest a fugitive. On the wall, just inside the back door, there is a steel-point type dartboard.

September 15, 1998 - Mark Maguire, Baseball - Televised Speech
After breaking Roger Maris' 35 year old record of most homeruns, Mark Maguire said thata "hitting homeruns is like throwing darts." Although he has ended the season with 70 homeruns, whenever the record-breaking speech is replayed, the sport of darts will be forever mentioned.

August 24, 1998 - Movie "Avengers"
In the movie "Avengers", the evil Weather controlling villian uses darts (with real feathers) to kill his enemies. Nothing realistic here, but at least Darts gets a little visibility.

August 23, 1998 Television
In the made-for-TV movie "Nothing Lasts Forever", a group of doctors are playing darts at an office party, using steel point darts. They use appropriate terminology when saying such things as "go for the triple 20!" The darts are held and thrown in a reasonable manner, and this was a fair representation of our game.

August 22, 1998 - Author, Dick Francis
Dick Francis, an English ex-jockey (steeplechase) turned writer often references darts in his books. One in particular is his novel FOR KICKS, copyright 1965, published by Ballentine Books. The protagonist uses darts matches to try to meet people from other horse training facilities (they have a travel league between all of the local rival racing barns) in an effort to uncover information on drugging racehorses. The terminology and descriptions are well-done, and used as an important (if minor) part of the story. -- Michelle Gaffney of the Capital Area Dart Club Raleigh, NC

July 22, 1998 - TV Show, "Frazier", NBC
On an episode of Frazier, Daphne and Frazier play a game of darts to see who gets to continue going to a bar they both enjoy going to. They play Cricket, but from the way they talk about the game, you can tell the writers didn't really know what they were talking about.

May 28,1998 - The Coca Cola Web Site:
The site uses a large dartboard and darts as the background and design motif for the web site. The design is apparently a custom graphic derived from a paper dartboard, with toy-style darts and incorrect number sequence on the board. But, a LOT of people see that Page!

May 14,1998 - TV Show, "Seinfeld", NBC
The final episode. At the very end, when Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer end up in jail together, what is hung on the wall next to their cell - a dartboard. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

April 1998 - TV Show, "Beverly Hills 90210", Fox Network
In the "High School Reunion" episode there is a scene in the bedroom of Jason Priestley's character (any relationship to Dennis...or Elvis?.ha ha ..anyway, lo and behold he and his girlfriend have a Bristle board set up in there and it looks to be about the right height!

April 1998 - TV Commercial
There is a new car (Pontiac I think) commercial where a guy buys anew "bigger" Pontiac and has to empty his garage to make room for it. Thereis a Bristle board hung at the back of the garage that is visible throughoutthe commercial. After removing tons of souveniers and typical garage stuff the guy still can't get his garage door closed with the new bigger Pontiac in it so he looks at the back of the garage at the dart board and a gigantic rollaway tool chest.......the next scene shows him shoving this tool chest out of the garage and the garage door finally it closes all you can see are the dartboard and the car.

April 13, 1998 - TV Show - "Cheers"
On one episode of "Cheers", Sam the bartender gets into a dart game with some rich british guy.....each trying to out do the other. I don't remeber who won but was surprised to see them actually playing. On another episode some guy asks Norm if he'd like to "play a game of darts for a beer", Norm says sure and the guys says "lets go!" Then Norm says "I don't think you understood me, I meant I'll play 'for a beer'! Thanks Saxmann, for reporting these two!

April 1998 - TV show - "The Odd Couple" Rerun
Rick Osgood spotted a dartboard on a wall in the "Couple"'s apartment. It wasn't apparent whether the board was ever actually played on.

March 23, 1998 - TV Show - "Walker, Texas Ranger"
Walker (Chuck Norris) and his lady friend are playing darts in a bar, on a bristle dartboard. They are using what appears to be brass darts with real feather flights, and then Walker tells her to try for the Bull, which she immediately hits (double bull). Her throwing style leaves something to be desired, throwing right handed from the ear, with left foot forward.

February 9, 1998 - "In The Heat of the Night" TV Show
If you ever watch the "In the Heat of the Night", you will notice a dartboard hanging up in the police station. Ever wonder why there are so many murders in a small Mississippi town. Maybe Bubba spends too much time playing darts instead of catching criminals. Thanks for this report Don Walker!

January 11, 1998 - "ER", TV Show, NBC
Darts made it on the show ER last night. One of the doctors was out with an English woman who was a dart player. She was making bets with him for drinks. It didn't look like there was any rhyme or reason to her shooting as the darts were all over the board. Also, on a following episode the two returned to the bar for some more darts. Maybe they can get the other doctors together and start their own league!

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