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*Note: A "sitcom" is a type of Television show: 'Situation Comedy'

November, 1997 - "Toy Story", animated movie.
A dartboard is on the bedroom door of "Sid", the neighbors mean kid.

November 7, 1997 - TV Ad, Pro-Line Sportswear.
ESPN commercial featuring NFL Pro-Line Sportswear. NFL players wearing the NFL Pro-Line Sportswear apparell shooting darts.

March 6, 1997 - Tv Show "Chicago Sons", sitcom.
On the inside of the front door to the brothers' apartment is dart board, apparently bristleboard, more likely rolled paper. There's no sign of darts and no sign that it has ever been used, but it's there.

March 7, 1997 - "Tales From The Hood", Movie.
A really bizarre dart board scene is in the movie,after being attached to a dart board where a "living black slave/doll" has his nuts blown off from a shotgun by a racist polititian, . A must see for all darters. :-)

March 4, 1997 - Men Behaving Badly, sitcom, NBC
They actually had two boards, one steel-tip and one soft-tip. They are unfortunately hung one above the other, and in the episode in which one of the two lead characters is actually playing (it's about a two-minute full darting scene), there is only the soft-tip board hung. Initially, it is hung on the high nail, and the character continually throws darts into the wall below the board (yes, he's throwing steel-tips though the board is a soft-tip board). Then he moves the board to the low nail, and promptly throws a dart right where the bull had been when the board was on the higher nail.

When the characters return to the living room a few minutes later, miraculously both boards are hanging again.Later in the same episode, the character's luck has gone to completely good. He can't miss on anything he does. To prove it to a friend of his in a bar, he grabs a dart out of the board, walks about 10 or 12 feet away, throws it backward over his shoulder, and of course scores a double-bull.Oh well, at least it's darts on tv (sort of). Sighting submitted by Jason Kilts

February, 1997 - TV Show "Shopping Spree", gameshow.
Recently a set of steel Darts was uesd as a clue on what the other person was to shop for .

January, 1997 - TV Show -"Major Dad" - sitcom*, USA network.
The main character is Major John McGillis in the US Marine Corps. He runs an office on a military base. In one re-run the Major was refereeing a pool tournament between 2 members of his office staff.The male of the crew won the pool tourney and the female could not stand this. In the back of the officer's club on the wall was a BRISTLE (steeltip) dart board. It had a few darts sticking out of it. The episode ended with the female walking over to the board and saying, "Leutenant, are you as good at darts as you are at pool?" The frame froze on the two marines reaching for the same dart. The show ran in the late 80's and early 90's, and is currently in re-runs.

January, 1997 - "USA Live", TV Show
In the afternoon, they have always had a dartboard hanging in their "cafe". At first it was placed behind a booth where obviously no one could play on it. Somebody must have said something to them, because by the second or third season of the show it was moved to a wall with accessibility. Yet, there still hasn't been anyone actually playing on it!

January, 1997 - "Dick Van Dyke Show", TV reruns

On "Nick at Night"s reruns of the "Dick Van Dyke Show", their office has a dart board on the wall, and occasionally, you'll see one of the actors throwing darts at it, or a character's picture on it with darts in it. If you watch the old Dick Van Dyke shows, you will see a dartboard on the wall in the office of Rob, Sally and Buddy.

January, 1997 - TV Show "Home Improvement", TV sitcom.

Tim Allen and the character who played his brother, actually "played" a dart game while discussing family problems. I wonder if Tim Allen (who shot some good darts) actually plays darts on his off-time? Let's sign him up in a league! Other sightings we've seen on reruns include Columbo, Highlander,Saved by the Bell, I Dream of Jeannie, Family Matters, and the list goes on...even if I can't seem to think of them all right now.

January 30, 1997 - TV Ad, LogoAthletic.
LogoAthletic, a popular sporting equipment manufacturer, ran a commercial during the 1996 football season that featured Troy Aikman, Dan Marino, and John Elway. All three were throwing steel tip darts. After Troy and Dan both threw a bull... John steps up to the line and throws a "Robin Hood" to split the center. Troy then turns to the camera and says "Get real".

January 2, 1997 - TV Show "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", UPN Network.
Darts are alive and well the 24th century! There is a dart board hung in Quark's Bar on the space station. It looks like a steel tip board, hung at the correct height. Miles O'Brian and Dr. Varshier have been shown playing games there on a couple different episodes. -

Diann Gordon and Karl Keunning spotted this one! According to Patrick R. Giessman, Quark periodically holds tournaments. They've even had Warf throwing darts. Mike Marcum says the Dart Board is only second to the "dabo" table ( space roulette) in the bar.

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