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*Note: A "sitcom" is a type of Television show: 'Situation Comedy'

"Beverly Hills 90210", Fox Network Television
November 6, 1996

On the show, the character, David Silver was throwing darts in a bar when his father Mel Silver, walked into the bar and argued with David. David continued to throw darts during the arguement. He was thowing steel tipped darts. - Thanks for this one, Ken Schaefer!

TV Show "Cheers", sitcom.
October 19, 1996

Next time you see a "Cheers" rerun, check out the dartboard in the back poolroom. It is your basic steel tip board, but it is mounted, with no backer, on the brick wall. It's kind of like a death trap for sloppy darters. I guess these guys don't worry about missing.

"MASH" Television sitcom reruns.
September, 1996

A steel-point type dartboard (probably wound-paper) is mounted on the inside of the door of the "Swamp", the main characters' tent. Mounted about 3 feet off the floor, it is clearly unusable, although the characters have actually lobbed darts at it in a few episodes (usually overhand). Since these are extremely popular reruns, MASH can be found on many different broadcast and cable channels, world-wide. Also in the older reruns of MASH, look in Henry's office and you will see a Widdy dartboard.

"Almost Perfect" TV sitcom, USA, CBS network.
September 2, 1996

This is another current, high-ratings TV show. A dartboard is mounted on the inside of the office door, and is visible in most episodes. Looks like a steel-tip, wound-paper board, with several darts left sticking in it.

National Dart Federation Championships, TSN
September, 1996

Finally Darts on TSN, the Canadian Sports Network. TSN has finally showed the recent NDF Championships in September. The only thing was it was of the final matches and a few of the last legs of the final set. Never the whole match. But it's a start :)

(Editor's note: Yes, this is outside the usual parameters of non-darts-event mentions of our sport, but it deserves comment!)

"Murphy Brown" sitcom, USA, CBS television network
September, 1996

One of the highest-rated TV sitcoms on CBS! A black/yellow wound-paper steel-point board is hung on the back of the Murphy's private office door, at about the right height. She often has a small sign stuck on it, bearing a cute saying of some sort. These signs change often. This dartboard is seen in nearly every episode, and has been there for many years.

Michelob Light Beer, TV Advertisment
Winter 1995-1996

A Michelobe Light commercial shows a closeup of a dart board and three darts hitting the bull one after another. A female's voice in the background is heard saying, "I swear I've never done this before".

Red Dog Beer Neon Sign (Advertising Signage)
August, 1996

This is a beautiful backlighted sign, bearing the Red Dog Logo and a really nice looking dartboard graphic. The dartboard graphic is somewhat generic, but appears to be most similar to a steel-point dartboard. About 2x3 feet in size, this was spotted in a soft-tip darts bar in Houston, Texas.

Outback Steakhouse, TV Advertisement
August, 1996

Nicely done, with real bristle (Steel-Point Darts) dartboards. And really unusual, in a couple of sequences, the darters actually throw correctly! The darts even have real flights & shafts, not just plastic bar darts. The basic plot is that a man walks in and challenges the local players for a free dinner for a triple-20, and everyone in the place throws one (all at the same time!). Then the same offer, and perfect scoring throws again, on an offer of a Double-Bull. etc, etc...

"The Single Guy", NBC Television sitcom

He has a dart board in his apartment. - Thanks Karl Kuenning, and Barbara!

Nissan TV Ad

The one where GI Joe steals Barbie from Ken: in the opening scene GI Joe is in the mouth of a plastic dinosaur with a dart board in the background. - Sighted by : Karl Keunning

"Gremlins", movie

Gizmo, the good gremlin is strapped to a dart board and the bad gremlins (lead by "Stripe") throw steel darts at him. - Karl Keunning again!

"Mystic Pizza", movie

In the movie that gave Julia Roberts her big break, there is a long scene involving some rich college boys betting with the local "townies" on a dart game. - Karl Kuenning sure has a good eye!

Camel Cigarettes, billboard advertising

On Loop 12 North, in Dallas, Texas, Joe Camel is throwing a dart. There were no words on this billboard, just Joe and a dart. - Spotted by T. Welch. Jim Tudor adds, there's also a billboard in the Detroit area. Lynn Kelly spotted the same billboard on I-85 north of Atlanta.

Television - Walker Texas Ranger, network weekly series

After chasing the bad guys around for most of an hour, and beating them up 2 or 3 times with the usual kicking, arm twisting, stomach punchesand the likes, the sars and the saved victims all meet at C D's Place, the local bar and eatery for a celebration. The small girl victim, probably about 8-10 threw a dart at an electronic board. It looke like an older Arachnid with red and black segments and yellow plastic wires. Of course the dart scored a bull, and CD yelled out, "We have ourselves a ringer." She hit a bull with the second dart also, and they never showed the third dart. Ibet she missed. -Spotted by Vickie Richter.

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